Pandemic Incident Response Team (PIRT) – Coronavirus Physician Update


On Wednesday, a Coronavirus communication was sent out to Managers regarding training and signage. We subsequently realized that physicians did not receive this information and we apologize for that oversight. Going forward, we will ensure that all physicians know what information we are sending out to the Practice Managers.

As a result of this communication, we have received many questions, which led our organization to form a Pandemic Incident Response Team (PIRT). The PIRT was formed with approval from the PGB and includes four physician representatives: Marty Goldstein, Adam Perzin, Rupa Patel, and Gary Karlin. Additional members on the PIRT include: Victor Houtz, Maggie Johnson, Derek Grimes, Andrea Krug, and Sarah Finnegan.

The purpose of PIRT is to make decisions on how to address different issues and challenges with the Coronavirus as they arise. With this ever-evolving situation, we must make these decisions quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the PGB has entrusted PIRT to make these decisions on behalf of the entire organization. PIRT will vote on all outstanding issues and how the majority votes is how the question/issue will be handled.

Current outstanding issues that will be decided today:

  1. If we will move forward with hanging a sign on the outside door of all offices with a “warning” not to come in if they exhibit certain symptoms.
  2. Do we want to be proactive and contact all patients scheduled for appointments within the next 30 days with a pre-recorded message stating something along the lines of “If you have experienced XYZ and have been to these countries, please call us to reschedule your appointment…”
  3. The bigger discussion is how we treat our patients when they are already IN our office – do we do anything? Do we ask any questions? How do we train our staff – (continue to use the “common sense points published by the CDC?) to interact with patients with flu like symptoms?

Once these decisions are made, we will communicate to you and our employees accordingly.

If you have any questions about the Coronavirus,  we ask you to consult your you Practice Manager first. Practice Managers will be our first line of communication and defense. If the Practice Manager does not know how to respond, the Practice Managers should email PIRT at:

To ensure consistent communications and to not flood this email address, we are requesting that only Practice Managers and above use this email.




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