Manager Update from the Incident Response Team


Over the weekend, IRT made the following decisions as they relate to the Coronavirus:

    1. To the best of every practice’s ability, we should be PRE-screening patients over the phone when a patient calls to make an appointment or to confirm an appointment. We have put together (and attached) talking points for our applicable employees.To help practices with this, we will be sending out the following telephone message to all patients who have an appointment within the next 30 days:“This is New Jersey Urology calling in regard to your upcoming appointment. If you are currently experiencing flu like or respiratory symptoms and have been to China, Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea in the last 14 days, or had any exposure to someone diagnosed with the coronavirus, please call us so we can reschedule your appointment.”
    2. All practices should disregard the previous questionnaire sent. Two new versions attached.
      Highlighted updates:
      1. Countries with CDC travel level 3
      2. Changed from 30 days to 15 days
      3. We received feedback that some of our offices could not follow the infection control protocol (i.e. not enough masks or private areas). As we are taking very precautionary measures, the form has been revised to say if you actually suspect the person has coronavirus follow to the best of your ability. If a person “merely” meets the criteria to immediately send them home. To some extent, our staff will need to use common sense and best practices.
    1. Questions we have already received:
      1. Can I hand the questionnaire to patients?
        Our preference is that a staff member ask the patient the questions BUT if you are not staffed for that, you can hand the patient the questionnaire. IF your office chooses to hand the patient the questionnaire, your location still must review the answers and know the precautionary protocols that are not listed on the alternative questionnaire. Regardless, if what questionnaire you use, all staff should visually assess patients and people accompanying them to their appointment.Based on what decision your practice location makes, there are two DIFFERENT questionnaires. As the Practice Manager, you are responsible for the appropriate distribution and education surrounding it.We realize that many of our location are different and that not everything can be one size fits all. Therefore, we are entrusting our Practice Managers along with our V.P.s of Operations to create the best workflow (with our priority being the safety of our staff and patients) that works best for that location.
      2. Should this questionnaire be part of the patient’s chart?
        Yes, this questionnaire should be part of the medical record BUT not the clinical record. Please scan this into the Administrative section of the patient’s chart.
  1. We are having the “STOP” poster and the questionnaires translated into Spanish. As soon as we receive these back, we will send them out to all locations.
  2. We have received various questions regarding supplies. If you are having trouble ordering a requisite item, please email and include Mark Herzog We are going to look into making a bulk order and distributing from our CBO. We will keep you updated on our progress.
  3. If you or any of your employees have any specific questions or concerns regarding the coronavirus, New Jersey has set up a hotline: 1-800-222-1222. If you want additional information specific to healthcare professionals, you can also go to the CDC website:





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